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3 Turf Installation Tricks From Turf Installers for a Natural Look for Your Lawn

Give Your Artificial Lawn a Natural Look

Due to its low care requirements and capacity to preserve a lovely, green lawn all year round, artificial grass has grown to be a popular option for many households. However, a successful turf installation requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are the top three turf installation tricks from turf installers to ensure your artificial lawn looks lush and natural.

Proper Base Preparation:

The key to a successful turf installation is a well-prepared base. Begin by removing existing grass, weeds, and any debris from the area where you plan to install the turf. Ensure the ground is level and compacted to create a stable foundation. To prevent weed growth, it’s advisable to lay a weed barrier fabric over the prepared base. Next, add a layer of crushed rock or decomposed granite, compacting it to create a solid, level surface. This base preparation is essential for proper drainage and preventing the turf from settling over time.

Seam and Edge Perfection:

Achieving seamless and well-finished edges is vital for a natural look. When joining two pieces of turf, ensure the edges align perfectly to avoid visible seams. Use strong, weather-resistant turf adhesive and seam tape to bond the edges securely. Trim any excess turf with a sharp utility knife, and take your time to ensure a clean and precise cut. To create a tidy edge along driveways, walkways, or garden beds, use bender board or metal edging to define the border. Secure the edges of the turf to the edging using landscape staples to maintain a clean and consistent appearance.

Proper Infill Distribution:

Infill is an essential part of artificial turf that provides support and helps maintain the turf’s upright position. When distributing infill material, be thorough and even. Use a drop spreader or broadcast spreader for uniform coverage. The amount of infill required may vary based on the type of turf you’re using, so follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. After spreading the infill, use a stiff brush to work it into the fibers and ensure it’s evenly distributed. This process helps the turf maintain its natural appearance and durability.

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